Alcohol, because no good story begins with "Remember when we got that cup of tea?" True, alcohol can lead to some funny stories, or remove your fear of crushing it on the dance floor. However, the biggest myth of what you might think is, that drinks can help you with falling asleep.


You already know that alcohol is not completely healthy. On the other hand, anyone who has ever come into contact with alcohol knows that sometimes they feel drowsy from alcohol. So how is it? Does a glass of wine or beer help us sleep better?


Alcohol is strange because even if we classify it as a sedative, it affects our body according to whether its volume in the blood rises or falls. Therefore, while drinking behaves more like a stimulant, but once we stop drinking, it acts more like a sedative.


Therefore, it is true that after a few beers, we simply fall asleep better. The problem is that those few beers will also affect the quality of our sleep.

Drinking at a party Undout alcohol sleepThis happens when you go to bed right after going out:

  1. Alcohol confuses your brain. Your brain activity will not be as synchronized at night, as it should be. Causing the disruption of regeneration, memory creation & other necessary processes during sleep.

  2. The REM sleep phase does not really understand alcohol and this is a problem. REM is the most regenerating form of sleep. Therefore, with a lower amount of REM sleep, you will probably feel exhausted and unconcentrated. Nobody wants that.

  3. You'll probably snore. This is because, as a sedative, alcohol causes the whole body to relax. Maybe too much. And this includes muscles in the throat.

  4. The body knows that the night is time for sleep and for trips to the bathroom. Alcohol keeps your bladder active, so you wake up more often at night. Waking up is also supported by the fact that alcohol promotes the production of the hormone adenosine (hence you are sleepy next day). 


    Hopefully, you'll remember these things during your next night out. If you plan on having a glass or a few anyways, we'd recommend doing it earlier in the day, as far away from actually going to sleep as possible. So, fewer drinks for the next party?


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